Mittwoch, 24. Juni 2015

iPollute, Pretentious Game and Joe Dever's Lone Wolf: Humble BulkyPix Mobile Bundle

There's a new Humble Mobile Bundle out there. Why mentioning it? There's a real jewel in it called iPollute. This game is based on stop motion graphic and your job is to waste and restore a common picnic place (or something like that!). Nature in the scene dies while you are dumping garbage,
... polluting the sea or building up big industrial complexes. But beware. Everything got it's price. You won't be a real winner if you haven't seen all the beautiful animations. And you won't see them by just exhausting mother nature.

View iPollute the HD-Trailer

If you are out for some graphical eye candy, then Lone Wolf might be something for you. It's "one of these" RPGs but the graphic is enjoyable and the storyline is okay.

 View Joe Dever's HD-Trailer

And then there is Pretentious Game. I haven't played it, but read a lot about it. Here is something from the : "A small platform game about love or maybe just a little pretentious game?"

View Pretentious Game HD-Trailer

In anyway: There are much more Android games in this Bundle like: Type:Rider, Meltdown, Corto Maltese, Twin Blades, Dark Lands, Aby Escape, Orbrun and Jazz: Trump's Journey.

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