Dienstag, 19. April 2016

Wiko Rainbow CM13 Flash tutorial, bug fixing and other Cyanogen & Android related stuff

I recently flashed Cyanogen CM 13 onto my Wiko Rainbow. You can find the tutorial here: Wiko Rainbow CM13 Rom Installation.  It ran pretty well - until I woke up and it was dead. More then dead. No lights, no charging - plain nothing. Even though I thought my smartphone was gone forever, I tryed to fix it - without knowing whats up. And.... I succeded. You can read about that here: Fixing a dead Wiko Rainbo. While doing so, I set up a small tutorial on how to install the right ADB-  and / or
USB-Driver for the Wiko Rainbow.

Have fun reading.

I'll post some pictures - when I find some more time.


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