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Android 4.5 oder Android 5? The ART of competition

For quite some time there are evidences that Intel will come out with the first real Bailtrail 64Bit processor. This might take the Windows 8.1 tablets to a new level of performance. It's not wondrous that Google is having his own strategy to keep track. As we can see in the KitKat releases there have already been some preparations for the upcoming versions.

In short: Lately the speaking about (Wikipedia ART) is getting louder and first evidences in the GITs show us that there are preperations ongoing, to transform the OS into 64Bit. So (imho) it's most likely that Google soon (next version?) will replace the Dalvik runtime through ART completly. Nexus 5 users can already enable ART in the developer options of the KitKat settings. The dudes from Gizmondo had a chance took a closer look on ART. The benefits seems to be nice. Starting times for apps and post-caching decreases, therefore the smoothness increases. The con is that you do have to reinstall every app. Good news for most users: Titanium Backup already got a patch out to support KitKat ART+.

So what's to expect
Well this is good news at all. The new apps will be even faster. Since ART almost uses pre-compiled code only, Android itself will get much more snappy. The new tablets will be able to support 4GB+ RAM and so there is much more space for new speculations on processors and what we will use our tablets for in our daily habbits. This does also mean a big change for all the developers out there. At some points they will have to start over from the scratch as there are some major changes which can be already experienced in KitKat 4.2.2 under special circumstances. It will to be seen wether the apps market explodes fast or will take some time to get used to the latest changes.

Whatever it will be - Android 4.5 or 5.0 - there is a good chance that the xda community will grab it to compile it for older devices. Also it means the next generation of Android tablets and Android apps has already begun. There are yet 4.4.2 ROMs out there running ART on older tablets.

HERE You can read up some personal experiences in using ART on a ASUS eeePad Transformer TFT101 pad. This was realized by using OmniRom and BaNks GApps.

Heres a design concept of 4.5 on Android next. What to think of it? Dunno... in many ways...

Here are some links for further information on ART and stuff:

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