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Asus Transformer eeePad TF101 Overclocking, Tweaking and some Bechmarks

I made some benchmarks to compare a befriendeds Iconia A501 to my TF101 with almost identical hardware. I tested some other circumstances like zRAM oN / oFF while doing so. I also did some overclocking and made some conclusions, marks and will share some opinions. Enjoy.

This are the results I already posted at the xda forums and also a video showing the TF101 overall performance:

Live Performance Video on YouTube

TF101 Android 4.4.2 KitKat KatKiss #19 ROM zRAM oFF
CPU: 456MHz min - 1200MHz max
Guevenor: Interactive
Scheduler: row
zRam: oFF
Score: 9497 

TF101 Android 4.4.2 KitKat KatKiss #19 ROM zRAM oN
CPU: 456MHz min - 1200MHz max
Guevenor: Interactive
Scheduler: row
zRam: oN
Score: 9134

TF101 Android 4.4.2 KitKat Kat Kiss #19 ROM zRam oFF
CPU: 1600MHz min - 1700MHz max
Guevenor: Performance
Scheduler: NOOB
zRam: oFF
Score: 12594
Some general observations:

  1. With zRAM on theStorage I/O went up in most tests.
  2. The 3D Score will suffer from overclocking the CPU (no matter if zRAM is turned on or not). See the double-edged sword here?
  3. All Schedulers got quiet similar scores in all tests. Only 'NOOB' and 'Read over Write' were mentionable better.
  4. Long time stability of schedulers is untested in any mode but NOOB and RoW.
  5. NOOB scheduler made the best results in any test but RoW feels snappier in daily use.

About zRAM: zRAM at all might be a usefull technique to gain speed ups in several situations. On the TF101 it's pretty useless anyway. Since the CPU capacity is pretty limited, the outcome of the slightly increased access timings would be overwhelmed  by the loss of CPU power. I will for now stay with it turned off. I didn't saw or felt any advantages of it on this ROM or any ROM on this tablet. One might have anohter look at this feature by using an inverted storage. Means: Installing the ROM on a fast external SD. This is possible by some newer recoverys like TWRP.

One of the most mentionable bottlenecks in point of gaming or nowadays advancing of apps is the GPU power. While I was lucky  to have an Acer Iconia A501 here (as said almost same hardware) I tryed the same tests under almost same conditions (other ROM but clean, settled, rebooted)  and scored a bit bader even with the GPU OCed from 300MHz to 400MHz. It's to say so that OCing the GPU didnt bring that a significant boost at all ( in real gaming - like Horn or daily launcher activities ). Also the tab started heating up.

So... Lets recap:

- zRAM does SLIGHTLY increase I/Os
- zRAM DOES decrease CPU power
- 1000MHz are just barely enough to run anything smooth.
- Overclocking the CPU decreases the GPU power
- GPU power is needed in nowsays games.

This means:
= Less CPU / GPU power for slightly increased I/Os (Primary Is).

A 1000MHz / 1GB tablet does not benefit too much from that option. In point of gaming it's definatly loosing in some aspects. Since the launcher felt rather less snappy then faster and the apps start timings were the same as with zRam off... Benefit? ;/

Sooo anyway stinky zRam. Back to OCing...

OCing a bit of a good thing at all. You can go up by 200MHz-400MHz without loosing mentionable GPU power, without gaining much instability but by increasing feelable the performance. Overdoing it will decrease your GPU power and access timings and wont bring any real benefits but some benchmark points. For that you gain a lot system instability. Also the tablet will heat up and slow therewith down.

So I endet up with 456MHz - 1200MHz. Why? It seemed to be the best deal between smoothness and battery life. While a kick off frequence about 200MHz or 300MHz often felt too slow for most launchers, 456MHz feels just right. Also the battery usage of OCing like this doesn't really change too much.

Cheers and enjoy!

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