Mittwoch, 8. Oktober 2014

New Awesome Humble Mobile Bundle for Android

For the most readers the Humble Bundle site is an old hat. For those who are new to the principals of Humble Bundle. Long story short: They sell more or less old (but also brand new) games in bundles. The gag: You can pay what you want. You will have to pay an average amount to get certain extra goodies or very new games though. There are bundles for Windows (Steam), Linux, Android and other. There are also eBook bundles and several other special events going on.

I was quiet happy recently to see "The Little Big Adventure" in the Mobile Bundle #8 after I felt pretty lucky to get me a version of "The Bards Tale" for Steam / Android in an other bundle. As more astonished I was to see yet another awesome Humble Mobile Bundle (#9). It's not only including the very accepable adventure "Syberia" but furthermore the very addictive game "Out there" which is going in the direction of "Faster then Light".

I can smell an Android bundle with Baldurs Gate Enhanced Edition or XCOM - Enemy Unknown uprising.It might not be with the coming Humble Mobile Bundle 10 or 11 but I think it will happen in a not to ditant future.

Anyway: For all of you who like to play with their android devices from time to time: The Humble Bundle is one of the cheapest ways to get up a legal game collection of Android games(or other platforms).

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