Freitag, 24. Oktober 2014

Free premium Android game and another mentionable Humble Bundle for Mobile

It's almost getting a bit annoying to point at Humble Bundle recently but they just won't stop releasing awesome Bundles. This time there is a free premium game to get called: The Spookening. The weelky mobile bundle comes around with another 2 premium games that are worth the (yet) $3 average price: Five Nights At Freddy's and The Walking Dead: Assault. Read more on how to get the free game and how to purchase the bundle

You will have to hurry a bit to get "The Spookening" for free. This is because in 2 days there will be another offer replacing "The Spookening" as far as I get it. To get the game just visit this Link. There scroll down to the bottom until you see this:

Enter your email there and *tada*: Freegame! ;) Don't hesitate to revisit Humble Bundle Mobile for other free games. There's a timer on the site when the next game will appear.

I'd also recomment the bundle. "Five Nights At Freddy's" is as facinating as scary and "The Walking Dead: Assault" is next to "Call of Cthulu" and "X-Com: Enemy Unknown" one of the few good and  mentionable turn based strategy games of that kind for Android out there. You can then easily download the standalone APKs from your Humble Bundle Library online or use the Humble Bundle app - which is also pretty nice to have.

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