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Wiko Rainbow: How to install and root Jelly Bean and KitKat Stock ROMs + TWRP 2.8.2a

I recently got myself a WiKo Rainbow and ofc wanted it to be up to date. Unfortunatly Lollipop 5.x for the Wiko Rainbow is not in sight for now. The most interesting ROM is a CM11 port of KitKat 4.4.4 for the Wiko Rainbow. It still has bugs and is still some steps from getting usable on a daily base. The latest stock version (4.4.2) has some minor bugs (imho) too and is flawed by design. The battery stats are very inaccurate (sometimes they drop from 25 to 0 in one minutes) and other users complain about WiFi issues or less good mobile connections. Your choice. Its also stable but I for now prefer the 4.2.2 Jelly Bean on my Wiko Rainbow.

I thought about sharing how I did it from the scratch. After a loooooooooot of bad tryes. Here is how it went. All in all its pretty easy...:

The following article explains:

- Prepare the Wiko Rainbow for rooting (USB-Debugging, Unknown sources,...)
- Install the latest official Wiko KitKat 4.4.2 or Jellly Bean 4.2.2 Stock Rom
- Root the Wiko Rainbow Jelly Bean (JB) 4.2.2 via APK (Easy going!)
- Root Wiko Rainbow KitKat (KK) 4.4.2 via KingO Root (Also easy!)
- Implement an recovery for further ROMs or other uses


STEP #1 Preparation for Windows 8 and 8.1+ - Turning off the Driver Verification

First know this: Unfortunatly, under Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 you need to disable the driver verification or you will NEVER EVER get the following steps working. I tryed a lot. But the WiKo Rainbow Flashtool won't find your handy later if you don't TURN OFF YOUR DRIVER VERIFICATION. Do it or prepare to fail!!!

I did it like this: How to disable Windows 8.0 / Windows 8.1 Driver Verification

STEP #2 Get a Stock Rom

Get the latest official Stock ROM from WiKo. Select Rainbow on the left, update on the right. Or use this download links: You can go with Jeally Bean 4.2.2 (bottom of the page) or KitKat 4.4.2 for now. Install it by double clicking the file (driver verification is still turned off!). Follow the orders on the screen (disconnect the phone, hit download, connect the phone,...).

Now login to your W-Lan and into your google account. We need the Playstore soon. But first do the following configuration in your phone...

STEP #3 Geting Root Access

Preparation on the phone:

#1 Open your phone setting. Navigate to "about your phone". There hit "build number" 5- 10 times. This should enable the developer options. You can find them in your phone settings now. There check, that USB-Debugging is on.

#2 Go back to your phone setting and hit "security". There check that  "unknown sources" is activated and "verify apps" is disabled.

DONE for now! Now lets get this shiat rooted Finally!

For JELLY BEAN 4.2.2 Users:

Okay, okay! Its pretty easy. Just download Framaroot from XDA. I used Version 1.93. Run it after you downloaded it. There hit "Boromir". DONE! This should have worked! (I hope for you).

Afterwards you go to the playstore and download SuperSu. Start it. It will prompt you to update the Su-binary. Do so. As installation method you choose the normal way not the TWRP / CWM stuff. This will get interesting once you got a recovery.

DONE! You are rooted!

For KITKAT 4.4.2 Users:

The easiest way I found so far is an app called "Kingo Root". Unfortunatly the app is in chinese or something and I wasnt able to find out how serious / dangerous that "Kingo Root" is. Everyone seems to use it anyway. Me too. It's connecting to a server and stuff I think. Anyway... (ofc on your own risc) download the offered "app for Windows Desktops".  Don't panic. It's easy:
Install and start KingO Root (Windows 8 and 8.1 Users are hopefully still working without the driver verification. If now: Go to the very top of this article). Connect your Phone to the PC then. Hit "root".

DONE! You are rooted!

(You could go with SP Flashtool and an recovery image and stuff, but I failed hard on that one recently. :) Maybe I'll add a failsafe tutorial for that later - when I find one.)

A serious advice: Get rid off Kingo Root, unless you got more information about the developers then I could find. On your phone go to the playstore and download SuperSu. Start it. It will prompt you to update the Su-binary. Do so. As installation method you choose the normal way not the TWRP / CWM stuff. It might detect Kingo Root and wants to deinstall it: Do so. If not: Get Titanium backup and delete / deinstall "Kingo Root". You will need Titanium Backup, because Kingo Root is an system app. As installation method you choose the normal way not the TWRP / CWM stuff. This will get interesting once you got a recovery. Anyway... "Kingo Root gone, SuperSu installed: You are still fully rooted. Maybe the system got compromised by Kingo Root anway.... who knows. :/

STEP #4: Install a recovery (TWRP 2.8.2a for Wiko Rainbow) via APK and Recovery Image

Next you want to open a browser and navigate to this forum and download the Wiko Rainbow TWRP 2.8.2a. from page #1. Be carefull, there might be minor bugs in it right now (its pretty fresh) that can cause (no serious) trouble when switching external SD-cards between two different Android System. You might wont be able to access your external SD-card from the recovery, unless you format it. Rename the "TWRP+RAINBOW2.8.2A" to "recovery.img" and copy it to your internal memory on the phone (via USB Cable or via Airdroid or something). The path should be /storage/sdcard0/recovery.img or /storage/sdcard1/ or something like that.

Now download Mobile Uncles Phone Tools (MTK Tools) from developer Njava in the the Google Play Store to your phone.Start it. Grand it root privileges. Select "Recovery Update". Select "recovery.img" (IT WILL BE ONLY FOUND IF IT IS IN THE ROOT OF YOUR SD CARD!). Install it. Reboot.

DONE! You are rooted and supported by a (early staged) custom recovery! Worked for me. Hope for you too.


 "Flashify for root users" from the Google Play Store might possibly do the job too. Dunno for sure.

 You might want to try the following guide if nothing worked out for you. Didnt test it but looks good: ANOTHER GUIDE

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